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Diamond Microdermabrasion for Skin Rejuvination

Diamond Microdermabrasion – Skin Rejuvenation procedure   Diamond Microdermabrasion using the Precious stones will do a Epidermis Restorative, replenish, and replenish the skin. This popular non-surgical aesthetic process carefully eliminates the best part of skin to expose younger, better skin and give you a more healthy, fresh countenance. With immediate results and an affordable price, it’s

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Skin Care and Dietary Supplements – 100% Natural and Organic by Nefeli

NEFELI – Natural Skin Care and Dietary Supplements Formulated and Manufactured by Dr. Ping Zhang (Nefeli corporation)  Exclusively for Viva Healthy Life   Looking for healthy and natural skin care advise? Considering aesthetic, rejuvenating or anti-aging products? Find the newest elegance and healthcare details here. Skin Care products by Nefeli distributed exclusively by Viva Healthy Life. Our  Difference: •Skin care

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Mesotherapy – All Natural Non-Invasive Procedure

 Mesotherapy can revive face and neck skin for a fresher, more young look. Mesotherapy upgrades blood and lymph dissemination which generously enhances the regenerative limit of the skin. For those acknowledging nonessential surgery, mesotherapy may be an ease, torment free choice.   In 2012, a French research facility created an approach to embed a medicine

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