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Perfect Diet To help in Obesity

 Why people concern about good food, healthy digestion, and obesity? What makes the American population worry about obesity, gastrointestinal problems and a range of health issues? Ever wondered what actually happened to all the healthy lifestyle and people in the US who could make things happen? Today the changes have gone. The health factor deteriorates

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Psychoanalysis at Viva Healthy Life

Psychoanalysis means analysis of mind.  Of course, there is analysis of our mind just like analysis of somebody’s mind.  This theory of Psychoanalysis was developed by Freud in the year 1980. You have noticed that there are billions and billions people in the world and they all are different in face and mind.  Not only in

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Viva Healthy Life – Medical and Cosmetic Services

VIVA HEALTHY LIFE – THE CENTRE FOR HOLISTIC MEDICINE Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic medicine is situated at the heart of Northeast Philadelphia and provides treatments such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Clinical hypnosis, Reiki, Cupping, Herbology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more. Viva Healthy Life believes that disease is as a result of physical, emotional,

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