Holistic Cosmetic - General approach to your problem

Cures Offered by Common Health Aides in your medicine cabinet

Surprising Cures Offered by Common Health Aides Cure of the diseases not always mean taking prescription medicines. By now you probably know exactly which item in your medicine cabinet cures what. If you happen to indulge in a little too much food or drink this holiday season… a couple of Alka-Seltzer can be your best

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Easy Ways to Be Healthier

Did you know that if you try too hard to be healthier you can get in your own way? When you try too hard to do too many healthier things you can actually undo your own efforts and cause problems for yourself. It’s true! The problem is that there are so many advice columns, books, television

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Clinical Hypnosis Helps to Keep Fit. Celebrities use it.

Clinical Hypnosis widely used in Hollywood. A lot of actress and actors need it for stress relief. You’d think uber-Catholic Mel Gibson would look to  the church for guidance after his recent  drama. But instead he’s turned to hypnotist Rick Collingwood, the founder of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Rick recently spent 10 days at Mel’s Malibu mansion and said, “I gave

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